A First Start in Last Chance.

To view the shores of northern Xen’drik, you would think that almost nothing has changed in the nearly 3000 years that have passed since the [name of cataclysmic event] had wrought fire and blight upon the whole of Khorvaire to across the Thunder Sea. The ground was turned and survival in the new barrens of Khorvaire became nearly impossible. Small bands of survivors pushed outward to stave off their deaths and hopefully preserve some semblance of life as it was.

Thronehold, the pillar that held together the thin sinew that bound the five nations into allegiance with one another, was now gone. It was not destroyed, it was just… gone. A huge scar was carved into the land around this point. A swirling spherical vortex, 600 miles in diameter, lay in its place. The surrounding areas were thought to not have suffered any ill effects but that thought was dispelled as the survivors in the area began to fall into deepening madness. A few bands of adventurers attempted to enter the sphere to quell the chaos inside but,no one that dared enter into the sphere had ever emerged to tell of its contents.

Strange creatures began to take form in the surrounding areas. Indescribable evils took shape and began to consume all that the denizens of the area left for the taking. Those that pushed away from the epicenter of Thronehold told stories of beasts that looked like horrible amalgamations of human, reptile, and animal parts that ravaged the small encampments of survivors.

Those within proximity of Droaam were faced with hordes of undead that slowly plodded their battle lines on with a constant focus, forever westward. Days before the disapearance of Thronehold, the lines sepertaing the nation of monsters were breached in what was once western Breland. Fortified by an army of countless undead, the army from Droaam took Breland by force and had pushed forward to the western edge of the Knife in just two days. On the third they continued their march up Those fortuitous enough to avoid contact with the shambling mass grave that was wrapping a path of destruction from Droaam through to Karnath, made way to Sharn, the city of towers and last bastion of Khorvare.

Strangely, the city was spared while the land around it was scorched within millimeters of the walls. The city’s population soared and drove the city to the brink of collapse as the already healthy criminal elements of Sharn became revitalized by feeding off the soaring poverty and destitution of the vast seas of refugees. Tales were told of the lower wards beginning to fill in with the bodies of the dead that were accumulating within the walls. Many started to think that the wilds of the dense jungles of Xen’drik could be no more dangerous than the fierce streets of Sharn. At the very least, there were fewer skyways that one might “accidentally” fall off of. The transport was limited and often fares were sold to the highest bidder. It was not unheard of for someone bragging about getting a fare to mysteriously vanish the day before their trip. Procuring transit to the tropical hells of Xen’drik became lucrative business. One commodore that controlled a fleet of very fast and very maneuverable airships, made enough money to purchase the entire Sky Docks. Many of his captains would go on to make fortunes that were large enough to build small empires as the denizens of Khorvaire poured into Xen’drik. Fear and corruption made the face of the city change. Vigilantes and Criminals roamed the streets, and worse sat in offices of power within the city. The increasing lawlessness of the city, combined with the undead hoards just north, made the jungles to the south seem that much more inviting.

Xen’drik has changed much over the course of the last 3000 years. Ever since the birth of the northern wastelands in the northern continent formerly known as Khorvaire, Xen’drik has seen a flourishing new civilization. With the abolishment of the Galifar Kingdom by the Destruction of Thronehold, the Dragon marked houses were free to take control. They decided to setup their new capitol in a small town with big potential called Last Chance. In ancient times it was nothing more than a final chance at a hot meal and a comfortable bed before setting off into the wilds of Xen’drik’s jungles. The establishment of an industrial center, funded by House Cannith, helped to set the roots for a chain of amazing innovations culminating in what is now known as The Reticulum.

To define exactly what The Reticulum is poses a particular challenge because of its plethora of assets. It is a creation of a gifted artificer named Sera Edison d’Cannith. She used knowledge that some say evil forces gave to her to develop a completely new method of producing vast amounts of energy. Seeing the value in such an endeavor, her House eagerly granted her a small fortune to spend in establishing a new foundry and center from which to develop new tools that could be powered with this device. Sera worked to create a way for the power source to eternally charge and repair Warforged within

In Xen’drik, it is the 756th year in the age measured Proust Reticlarre (or more coloquially, “Since the Reticulum got built.”) The years previously measured “of the King” no longer seemed worth counting when the whole width and breadth of the kingdom had been decimated. The destruction of the land known as Khorvaire was a matter of here-say and folk legends. Most common folk in Xen’drik paid little mind to the history of the cursed land north, across Thunder Sea. Indeed many generations had past in the seven and a half centuries that had unwound since the formation of the Reticulum in the city of Last Chance. Its citizens had forgotten about Khorvaire. The riches and adventure in Xen’drik were more than vast armies of treasure hunters could carry. Many came and sought fortune and were quite successful in their endeavors. Though with a flood of adventures bringing in relics of the Giants of ages past or some exotic jungle tribes totem, the market became quite over proliferated. Many quests to the jungles started to prove more costly than the price that the recovered items would fetch.

The fallout in the adventurers market lead to great foundations that went on to build the strongest industrial center that had ever been witnessed. Last Chance was home to

The Reticulum stood as a mighty beacon in the center of last chance, though to limit the Reticulum to a single physical location would not really explain its nature. The Reticulum was a system of inter-connectivity that had sprung up at first as a way to allow certain war forged to share a sense of community that had been evasive to them in the past. The integration of new technology led to a surge in innovation among the war forged as they grew through being able to reference all their shared experiences through this network. Their hardships and daily challenges led the new Reach Forged to invent new devices to make the effort involved in completing everyday tasks. Its central dispersion spire sat atop the city casting out a soft blue light that was usually only a faint ghost of color streaking the sky as it sent its signal out to relay towers and users of the Reticulum all across Xen’drik.

Beneath The Reticulum, in the base of a tower devoted to House Cannith, was the power source. The source was crafted in the year 1008 YK, by a rather prominent member of the House, one Sera d’Cannith. It is a mystery as to how the device truly works though. Many have devoted lifetimes to study its nature and a nearly equivalent amount have been driven mad by its vexing mysteries. Some scholars have explained it as a swirling vortex of energy feeding off some unknown reaction clouded inside its moving parts. The physical nature of the machine is difficult to completely understand without stopping it, which no one would dare do for fear of not being able to start it again. It is theorized though, the machine is actually a mix of 12 orbs that became the vertices of a rapidly spinning icosahedron that was estimated at a diameter larger than 300 feet. With in this polyhedron there is a descending set of perfect solids rotating at perpendicular angles. At the very core of this geometric hurricane is the true source of the devices power, but there is where theory stops and exaggerated conjecture begin. One of the most popular of these larger than life stories is the tale of the Scholar that saw through to the core of the device and was driven into a catatonic state. It was suspected that some power from inside the device stole his sole, leaving his body in a state of stasis. He is said to have stayed the same age since the incident despite more than a hundred years passing. The more diehard believers of such nonsense honestly believe that his body is still hidden in a research facility deep inside the Cannith Tower.

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